In an era dominated by self-promotion and celebrity, Yasmine stands out by dedicating herself to spotlighting others, preferring to remain behind the scenes. As a humble pioneer of various movements, including Skinimalism, her actions resonate more powerfully than words, fueled by the profound imperative from the Black Lives Matter movement. Highlighting her contributions is essential, as she exemplifies authenticity, unity, inclusivity, and creativity, continually challenging and reshaping beauty standards, inspiring us all in the process.

Yasmine takes immense pride in witnessing Funmi's joy as her dreams materialize—her ascent across social media platforms, recognition by top influencers, features in magazine articles, and notably, the creation of her own fragrance in Paris with a renowned perfumer. This success brings Yasmine happiness and gratitude, reinforcing her belief in making a difference through supporting others.

Funmi Monet, a Dallas-based fragrance reviewer with a background in mental health, blends her expertise in beauty and self-care with thoughtful fragrance insights on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Her experience includes working as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown and in the fragrance industry during her studies.

The realization of Funmi's decade-long dream to create Exalté was made possible by Yasmine Jones. Yasmine, recognizing the potential in Funmi's vision, assembled a team in Paris to craft this unique fragrance. Exalté is not just a celebration of luxury and confidence, but also a testament to the empowerment of women and the impactful role of figures like Yasmine in lifting others up and making significant contributions to their success.

At Exalté Parfum, our focus is on action, not just words. We celebrate Black History Month all year round, committed to making a real impact. The collaboration with Funmi in Paris to develop this remarkable fragrance was more than just a partnership; it's woven into our very fabric, affirming our belief in the power of being seen, heard, and supported.

  Exalté Parfum is more than a fragrance. It represents our commitment to authenticity, to taking meaningful action, and to empowering every individual we reach. Our goal is to bring unique, high-quality, and heartfelt products to the world, making a true difference.